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fire damageYou’ve had property damage at your home or business in Croton-on-Hudson. No big deal, though because you have property and casualty insurance to manage those risks, to cover your losses when the unexpected happens. Don’t be surprised if, when you turn to your agent, you experience delays, denials or offers to pay you far less than the policy promises. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, and they maximize their return to shareholders by minimizing the amount they pay out for claims.

There’s good news, though. Republic Claims can help you get all the benefits to which you are entitled under a property and casualty policy, and in a timely manner. At Republic Claims, we are public insurance adjustors, insurance professionals with decades of experience and a built-in incentive to maximize your recovery. Because we are compensated with a percentage of your settlement, it’s always in our best interests to ensure that you get everything to which you are entitled.

Republic Claims—Standing Up for Businesses and Homeowners in Croton-on-Hudson, New York

When you need to file a claim under a property and casualty policy, your first course of action is typically to notify your agent, who will put you in contact with an adjuster. Unfortunately, that adjuster will have far more knowledge of and experience with property and casualty loss than you do, immediately putting you at a disadvantage. If you make your first call to Republic Claims, you’ll immediately have a powerful advocate on your side, someone who can anticipate the tactics and strategies insurance companies typically use to minimize payouts.

At Republic Claims, every member of our team has extensive experience handling property and casualty claims and settlements. President and founder, Frank Rivela, one of only a handful of insurance professionals to have been named a Senior Public Insurance Adjuster, has been in the business for more than four decades. We built our business and our reputation on strong commitments to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics within our industry and have long been active members of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjustors.

Contact Republic Claims by email or call us at 833-924-2150 (toll-free at 1-877-ADJUSTOR) if you have a potential property and casualty claim or would like to learn more about our services.

Maximize Your Croton-on-Hudson Property and Casualty Settlement

At Republic Claims, we are constantly looking for new and improved ways to serve our customers:

  • We pioneered the idea of “fast-track claims adjustment,” so that you can get the settlement you need and deserve as quickly as possible
  • We initiated the principle of “Guaranteed Settlement Satisfaction”
  • We understand the value of technological advancement to help our customers—We were the first to use computerized contents inventories and building estimates in the settlement process
  • We offer access to attorneys, accountants and real estate brokers onsite, who can address any concerns about policy language or rights, accurately determine losses or work with you to locate temporary housing or commercial space while your claim is in process.

Because our team members have handled thousands of claims, we are intimately familiar with the standard provisions of most property and casualty policies, as well as the common riders and exceptions. We can quickly read your policy and accurately determine your rights, so that insurance adjusters won’t be able to wrongfully deny you covered benefits.

Republic Claims—Protecting Your Rights throughout the Settlement Process

Don’t deal directly with your insurance company! Whether you’ve already filed a claim or have just had a loss, call Republic Claims today. We will immediately become your intermediary with your insurance company, so you won’ ever have to worry about dealing with their high-pressure settlement tactics.  Because of our experience, we’ll have a good sense of the full value of your claim and can circumvent many of the strategies typically used to get you to take less than you deserve.

Aggressive Advocacy for Businesses that Have Sustained Property and Casualty Losses

Our services extend to businesses and business owners, as well as residential policyholders. When you’ve had a business property or casualty loss, we can work directly with your risk management officer or team, helping you:

  • Project the total financial impact of a property or casualty loss on business operations, including any effect on potential rental income
  • Estimate the total cost of all disaster recovery
  • Help you identify and implement strategies to return to full business operations with minimal interruption or shutdown

We Handle All Types of Croton-on-Hudson Property or Casualty Claims

At Republic Claims, our team has successfully helped other businesses and homeowners maximize property and casualty claims resulting from:

  • Weather events or natural disasters, including rain, snow, ice or windstorms, tornados, floods, hurricanes, forest fires and earthquakes
  • Fires, either at your home/business or on nearby premises—structural losses, smoke or water damage, and loss of contents
  • Carelessness or negligence by a contractor, subcontractor or construction company, including losses caused by faulty or defective electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC or heating and cooling, drains or sump pumps, or fixtures
  • Criminal acts committed on your property, such as vandalism, arson or burglary, theft or malicious destruction of property

Republic Claims—We’re Everywhere You Need Us to Be

Though our principal offices are located in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we have affiliate offices in 47 states. Let us use our experience, knowledge, skill and resources to prepare a timely and accurate estimate of all of your losses and help you get a property and casualty insurance payout that covers all your needs.

Contact Republic Claims after a Property or Casualty Loss

For an experienced and knowledgeable advocate to help you get the insurance benefits you need and deserve after a property or casualty loss, contact Republic Claims. To set up an appointment, contact us by email or call our offices at 833-924-2150 or toll-free at 1-877-ADJUSTOR.

At Republic Claims, we’ll aggressively advocate for you throughout the claims process. We’ll evaluate your losses, as well as your policy rights, at no charge or obligation to you. If you hire us, we will handle all the details, notifying your agent, broker or insurance company, and helping you fully determine and document your losses. We will also help you prepare and submit all required documents.

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*Licensed & Accredited with Offices & Affiliates in 47 States*

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