Licensed and Accredited
in 47 states
Call Us Before the Insurance Company

Before You Call Your Insurance Company, Call Us First!

We can Promptly Report the Loss to Your Agent or Broker or Directly to your insurance company.

Receive the Maximum Settlement for your Claim!

Our “Guaranteed Settlement Satisfaction” Program will expedite the entire claim process and assist you in determining the following:

  • Insurance Coverage
  • Policy Compliance Issues
  • Claim Management Plan Development
  • Extent of the Loss
  • Obtaining Living Expenses
  • Inspections Required by the Insurance Company
  • Identify the Most Qualified Specialists to Develop and Support your Claim
  • Complete all Property Valuations; Replacement and/or Repair costs, Stock Valuations, Work in Process
  • Evaluate Production and Sales Trends to Forecast Business Interruption
  • Assemble Comprehensive Claim Presentations with Supporting Data and Expert Reports
  • Support the Claim Management Team throughout the Recovery Process

Contact Our Offices

New York Office

4 Pleasant Plains Avenue
Staten Island, New York 10309
(718) 356-7000 (24Hrs.)
Fax (718) 764-1159

Hampton Bays Office

142 A New Town Road
Hampton Bays, New York 11946

New Jersey Office

57 Green Street
Woodbridge, New Jersey 07095
(732) 283-1000

Pennsylvania Office

10 Canal Street
Bristol,Pennsylvania 19007
(215) 788-9535

*Licensed & Accredited with Offices & Affiliates in 47 States*

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