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Public Adjusters Help Residential & Commercial Disaster Victims

A disaster can seriously harm your home or business at any time. Major floods inundated parts of New Jersey in 1999 and 2011. They triggered losses that exceeded $1 billion. A building catches fire almost every 32 minutes in the Garden State. Consequently, it’s vital to think about what you would do if a catastrophe occurs.

Types of Adjusters

Many people rely on an insurance company’s adjusters to determine how much cash they will receive. Unfortunately, this approach is similar to entering a courtroom without a lawyer. An insurer may take advantage of the stressful situation or your lack of knowledge about policy terms. You can benefit from hiring a public adjuster to represent you. This insurance expert protects your interests and works to ensure that you gain fair, timely compensation.

Valuable Benefits

After a disaster occurs, a public adjuster will analyze your policy and clearly describe what it covers. You’ll learn what types of claims you can and cannot make. This eliminates the need to decipher complex language or rely on an insurance company representative to honestly explain the policy. Public adjusters also estimate income reductions, repair expenses and other extra costs.

These experts help home and business owners document their losses in ways that increase the likelihood of claim approvals. This frequently raises insurance payment amounts as well. If a disaster destroys your computer, camera and paper files, it’s particularly beneficial to work with a professional who has the right equipment and understands how to obtain new documents.

Public adjusters have the expertise needed to quickly and accurately complete the forms involved in a claim. They also know the right terminology to employ when speaking to the staff at an insurance company. This speeds up the entire process and makes it possible to receive compensation sooner. Swift repairs will prevent further damage and limit the expenses associated with renting an alternate home, office or retail space.

If an insurer denies your claim, a public insurance adjuster can supply you with expert advice on legal action. He or she may testify as a witness in court. Some adjusters work with lawyers who have expertise in this area. At the same time, a public adjuster’s efforts significantly reduce the probability that you’ll need to initiate a lawsuit.

Many of these experts provide useful services that go beyond insurance claims and negotiations. A public adjuster may help you find a temporary home or business location in New Jersey. If you own a commercial enterprise, this professional might also identify ways to shorten the disruption and retain more customers. Each adjuster offers different extra services.

Recovery Process

When a disaster takes place, it’s often necessary to protect buildings with tarps or plywood. Both fires and floods frequently result in water damage that calls for the use of dehumidifiers. Workers may also need to clean up smoke residue, neutralize odors, apply paint and install new drywall. A public adjuster allows you to focus on this process rather than handling paperwork or negotiating with your insurer.

If you need a resourceful public insurance adjuster, Republic Claims can promptly assist you. We serve both commercial and residential clients throughout the Garden State. While you concentrate on recovery efforts, our accountants, lawyers and adjusters will work to ensure that your claim has a positive outcome. We’re always here to help New Jersey residents when disaster strikes.

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